Kirsten Ryan

I am formally an Abt and grew up in Ponoka, AB. My hard work and determination stems from my parents and grandfather he was a man with a rough exterior but his heart and his hard work were unmatchable. My parents always taught me to work hard while you are young and able. I went though a time many years ago where I was soul searching trying to find my purpose as I thought my purpose was to be a stay at home mom but it was too hard and I lost myself. I had taken lots of media and photography courses in high school and excelled at them but I had never really thought it to be a career until my son was born, I then decided to start college and then decided I wanted to work with babies so I did a mentorship program to learn baby posing safety and it all stemmed from there! I am a very passionate person and I strive to be the best I can be. I have a four year old boy and a two year old girl, now I mention this because being a mom I find some photographers miss those important "to me" shots the ones I will remember, the loving look you share with your children or that quirky gassy smile your newborn makes. I love capturing photos of all the memories worth keeping! I do get some of the posed stuff however my focus during each and every session is to capture that perfect unposed shot. I specialize with newborn however I am not limited to that I will do any shoot that you can think of making me  a perfect photographer for families because I offer promotions specifically catered to my regular clients. I have taken proper posing safety training and hold the proper insurance to assure the babies I pose are safe. I pose a baby as if it is my own, Iā€™m very gentle, patient, and determined to get even the fussiest of newborns or children to pose. I am always open to try new things and absolutely love my job!



1st Place AFNS Award
2nd Place AFNS Award
11 Winner AFNS Award
4 Baby Photo Awards
1 Viewbug Finalist Award
3 Bronze RISE International Photography Awards
Published in Iconic Model Magazine Twice
Published Back Cover in Brand Model Magazine

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Maternity/Portrait/Boudoir training - Michael Stief

2 Newborn 1:1 Posing and Safety Workshops - Charlotte Gamashe & JAC Photography

Digital Photography - Red Deer College